Caprasia blanco & tinto – organic & vegan wines from Spain


Bodegas Vegalfaro: Caprasia blanco & tinto ‘Roble’.

From the hinterland of Valencia: Utiel-Requena. Organic and Vegan (*).


New wines for wine gift: Bodegas Vegalfaro. We met winemaker Rodolfo Valiente again after a long time at the Prowein fair in Dusseldorf. We heard that he had completely ‘reorganised’ the company: all wines are now organic and he has added a large number of new wines to his range. So it was about time to get back together with him. We have decided to work with this Caprasia series.

The Vegalfaro Winery is located in the province of Valencia, in the region of La Plana de Requena-Utiel. The winery, under the direction of winemaker Rodolfo, produces wines with the origins Vino de Pago (Los Balagueses), DOP Utiel-Requena and DOP Cava.

The estate covers some 60 hectares of vineyards and all are certified organic. Besides the local Macabeu and Bobal, Merlot, Syrah and Chardonnay have also been planted. For a number of wines, Rodolfo uses terracotta Anfora, which takes him back 2500 years. Hence the name ‘Caprasia’, ancient Spanish for “land of goats”. With this, Rodolfo refers to the time when goats roamed wild here and people were in the process of starting vineyards. These pioneers made their wine in the Anfora mentioned above.

Caprasia blanco: Two grape varieties: Chardonnay & Macabeo. Both are vinified at low temperature in stainless steel vats. The Chardonnay matures in oak barrels and after 4 months the final blend is made. Fresh and soft taste with a slight minerality and vanilla undertone.

Caprasia tinto, Roble: 55% Bobal / 45% Merlot. Bobal is the local grape variety and gives strength and colour to the wine. Merlot provides juice and fruit. The wine matures for 4 months in oak barrels (medium toast).

These two wines are also guaranteed vegan (*).

(*) Vegan wine: aren’t all wines vegan? No, animal products are used in the production of many wines. For example, many red wines use egg whites to clarify the wine. Are you vegan? Then get some good advice!

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