Domaine Massin, Chablis Premier Cru – Montée de Tonnere


Domaine Massin, Chablis Premier Cru Montée de Tonnere

Crisp, complex Chablis for the lover of a rich and full white wine.


New: Domaine Massin, Chablis

The Domaine Massin vineyard has a beautiful location in the heart of the Chablis region. The vineyards of AOP Chablis lie between the vineyards with Grand Cru status and the famous Montée de Tonnerre. And it also has vineyards at Montée de Tonnere itself. It is a young company and was started in 2011 by two friends Roland and Tristan. Roland does the management & sales and Tristan, son of a Champagne farmer, is the wine maker. He does the same for his family business in Champagne, but he really enjoys working in his own vineyards.

They work with an eye for the environment and nature and will not use any chemical pesticides.

Tristan describes his wines as real Chablis. So crisp, mineral and with an extremely pure aroma. Complex, yet accessible due to the soft acids in his wines. Wines to really enjoy and he is happy that his wines are now available in the Netherlands.

This is a wine from the famous 1er Cru vineyard Montée de Tonnerre. Like all Chablis, it is a wine of 100% Chardonnay. The vineyard is on average about 40 years old and the density of planting is quite high: 8500 vines per hectare.

Like ‘ordinary’ Chablis, the must is vinified at low, thermo-regulated temperatures and the wine matures on the fine lees after malolactic fermentation. This makes the aroma rich and complex. The wine has already had some maturation and is now perfectly ready to drink: a powerful, full and thus rich wine. A delight at a festive table.

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