Domaine Richard, Condrieu


Domaine Richard ‘Amaraze’ – Condrieu

Top white wine from the steep slopes of the Rhone valley – just south of Lyon. 100% Viognier.


We met this couple in February 2020 at the Wine Paris fair and were immediately enchanted by their wines. This region is the birthplace of one of our most popular grape varieties: Viognier. So it was high time to work with a winery from this region. Fortunately, the tasting panel was just as enthusiastic as we were, and so we were able to start working with this domaine.
This domain in Chavany was founded by Hervé Richard’s grandfather and he manages it together with his wife Marité. It was she who drove us around the imposing steep vineyard in March 2020. Vineyards, by the way, with beautiful views of the river Rhône. They specialise in the two wines of the region: Saint-Joseph and, of course, Condrieu. More recent is their delicious Vin de Pays, Viognier. The work in the vineyards is hard and difficult, but it is worth it: the Viognier wines from this region are unequalled! But also their red Saint-Joseph wines, of course from 100% Syrah, are definitely worth recommending!

It is a small domaine and they work with an eye for nature and respect for the environment.

This Condrieu is the showpiece of this house. It also comes from the steep slopes, with a view on the Rhone. 100% Viognier of course, from more than 30 year old vines. The harvest takes place at the end of September, to let the grapes be as ripe as possible. Fermentation is done at low temperature – about 18°C. After fermentation, the wine matures partially in oak barrels (40%).

It is a full-bodied, complex wine, softly spicy and lightly floral, with notes of acacia honey, pear and apricot.

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