In the time of the dinosaurs...we didn’t drink any wine, because we weren’t even around yet. But then the basis was laid for the unique terroir of Southern Limburg: the chalky soils from the Cretaceous period (Krijt = Chalk). Famous old soil and a brand new wine, composed by Limburg wine experts Maurice Warnier and Lidy van Kleef, with the grapes of John Cox – Domaine Salamander. Sustainably cultivated, hand-picked and processed without unnecessary chemicals, this wine is an ode to its soil and our nature. Because the salamander, it is still there. Santé from Southern Limburg!

The colour of KRIJT is deep golden yellow and clear. The nose is dominated by lushness combined with spiciness. Tones of lychee, elderberries and flowers are introduced by the Siegerrebe (10%), family member of the famous Gewurztraminer. Honey aromas also come from the Pinot gris (35%). In the mind, this could be a sweet wine. In the mouth, it is certainly not. Mouthfeel is drying, very little residual sweetness and otherwise round and full. The freshness comes from 55% Chardonnay and offers possibilities as an aperitif and richer starters. The Pinot gris and Siegerrebe offer starting points for fish dishes with rich sauces, but also the spicier cuisines from the East. But lighter cheeses made from goat’s and sheep’s milk will also find their mate in KRIJT. The 2018 has approximately 13.5% alcohol, which makes it quite sturdy for a Limburg wine. Santé! Lidy and Maurice.”