#Ono – Chardonnay from the Loire Valley


#Ono, forgot something? No, of course – the name Ono, is a nice play on words, but it is the nickname of the winemaker: Honorine Pain. You can read more about het and her wines below.



May we introduce you to Honorine Pain? Ono for friends!

Ono comes from a family of wine makers in Chinon – in the Loire Valley, Her father, Philippe Pain, is her great example and she, like her older sister Clothilde Pain, also ‘went into wine’. Together with her sister, she now runs Domaine La Petite Métairie. Chinon is best known for its, sometimes rustic red wines, made from the Cabernet Franc grape. She decided to change course and developed the #ONO collection – aimed primarily at a younger audience. Her goal is to make modern, fruity wines – with character.

We are now working with this surprising #ONO Chardonnay. It’s exactly the style she wants: full-bodied, juicy and deliciously fruity.

Speaking of her father, he owns Domaine de la Commanderie in Chinon. It goes without saying that Honorine is now also involved with this Domaine. The specialty of this house is the white wines of the Chenin Blanc grape.


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