Pinot Noir ‘Réserve’


A delicious, super-soft and full-bodied red wine from the Languedoc in southern France.


Luc Pirlet Pinot Noir ‘Réserve

Luc Pirlet is an exuberant Belgian who years ago made his dream come true: a vineyard in the South of France. This vineyard is situated between Narbonne and the Limoux region, in the direction of the Pyrenees. The Domaine itself is situated about 20 kilometres from the beautiful citadel of Carcassonne and produces a wide variety of wines. However, there is one important thread running through the range: Quality.
– Quality in the vineyard: the vineyards of Pirlet are situated in the higher regions of the Languedoc and have different ‘terroirs’: mainly clay-limestone, gravel and pebble soils. The yields are kept low in order to achieve the highest possible concentration of flavour.
– Quality in the wine cellar: The main objective is to achieve a constant quality year-in year-out. This is done with the most modern vinification techniques in smaller barrels than usual. Luc Pirlet himself says: “it’s not about the vintage, our wines have to be good every year”.
– Quality of presentation: The wines of Pirlet have an appearance to match: chic, representative and stylish.

This is Vin de Pays d’Oc from 100% Pinot Noir. Due to the warmer climate in the south of France, the grapes are slightly riper than for example in Burgundy and this wine therefore has more colour than a Burgundy Pinot Noir. Due to a short period of wood aging, the wine also has light vanilla tones. Soft, juicy and fruity. Delicious, seductive glass.

Vivino: 3,9 (****)

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