Vacqueyras, Queen of the Rhône – Château du Trignon


Real wine lovers know how to handle this delicious wine! A wonderful wine gift!

This wine comes from Trignons vineyards in the Vacqueyras, Gigondas’ neighbours. Vacqueyras is also called the most feminine Côtes du Rhône because of its elegant character. This is mainly due to the use of the Grenache grape. This ensures a delicious soft spicy taste. There is also Syrah in the wine that gives it a pleasant firmness. The spicy character makes it a wine that combines well with a game stew. The wine can be kept for at least 5 years.


For many years, Château du Trignon was no more – but also no less! – than a traditional Provencal cattle farm, until the Roux family acquired it in 1896. They saw the potential for quality and started making wine there with an emphasis on quality. In over a century, five generations have transformed the domain into a prestigious wine estate, with holdings in Gigondas, Rasteau, Sablet and in the Côtes du Rhône.
In 2007, the domain was taken over by the Quiot family, who simultaneously purchased ten hectares of vineyards in Vacqueyras. The Quiot family already had vineyards in Châteauneuf-du-Pape and in the Côtes de Provence, and now, with the acquisition of Château du Trignon, can call itself a very versatile and high-quality supplier of Southern Rhone wines. The Quiots and their children know the area inside out and have already announced their intention to continue the Trignon tradition and to maintain or, where possible, further improve quality.

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